My Google Page

by Isa Petrolio 

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The project

It's not impressive to anyone knowing that Google collects our informations (profile, tastes, browser history...) and sells it to other companies. We learned to accept that. But this still bothers a big part of the general public. 

The book "My Google Page" is a proposition for Google to admit to the public that they are if fact collecting those types of information, but also using it to our advantage. The page will create your personal bibliography based on the history of your google account, showing how your interests changed throughout out the year, how addicted have you been to the internet considering how long you spent on google researches, what were your main topics of research on the last decade and the last year and so on.

"My Google Page" will be personalised to each user according to their tastes and preferences, and every year it's renewed with more and more about you. Google will prove you that it knows you better then yourself.

About the book

Author: Google

Title: My Google

Media: Google Page

Year of publication: every year since 2021


Google already have all those informations about us, and most people know that, and get annoyed and bugged wondering "where is it going?". This would be an incredible way of gaining trust from de public once again, and admitting (in a smooth way) to what they are already doing under the covers.

It would also create an expectation, to know what the result will be next year, making people use google research more and more.

How does it work?

One of the tabs on google apps will be "My Google Page" and people can click whenever they want. It will create a compilation with a lot of informations about you that you can read as a book, and share on social media.

Google will colect all those informations and organize them in a shareable pleasant way of seeing, in a layout that matches your personality (accordant to what it knows).

What is it?

A google page

Who is it for?

Everyone who have ever used google

What is it about?

Your google research history and personal evolution

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Layout Options

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Content of the book

It will show you:

Title: "NAME"'s Google Page

Writher by: Google

"N" Years of Google Research

Overall content:

Time line with your main interests on each period (every year and every 5 years) based on recurrent topics of research

the amount of time you did a research since you fist started using google (including YouTube research)

the vídeo most watched on YouTube by you

the website you clicked the most

the word you used the most

the times you were a visionary looking for topic that only became popular years later

hot topics on your overall browser history

the main type of information you consume (news, YouTube vídeos, images, tutorials and "how to"s type of articles, books, shopping items...)

Image you opened a lot of times

Country where most your consumptions (vídeos, websites, maps, images) comes from.

assumptions about you such as: your favourite color based on your images preferences, your favourite celebrity based on research and clicks, your favourite movie, your favourite food, your favourite music genera 

Last year's content:

the hot topic of last year (such as band concert, coronavirus, buzz feed quiz, how to make bread, diy, harry potter...)

Image you opened a lot of times

the vídeo most watched on YouTube this year

the website you clicked the most this year

hot topics on your overall browser history this year

Most watched channel on Youtube

Gamification: quizes about your self, to know hot much you really know your google history

What is the website you clicked the most?

Which of those Youtube vídeo did you click more times?

What word did you use the most on your researches this year?

What is the shopping item you looked for the most this year?

What did you use the most? Web, images, vídeos or shopping?

Share button in the end of every page:

People can hide whatever information they want before sharing, just by clicking it.

The process

Choosing a theme: 

Every time I had a great idea for the theme of the book, one that I thought was worth existing, I found out that it already existed, of at least something really similar. And this happened every single time, so I decided to create a book about all those things that already exist, and how impossible it is to think of something new. 

From that point I had two options: "You can't create nothing new" our "You can find anything you might think of online, as long as you look for it".

Since I'm talking about the internet and "finding things" google should be the autor of my book. Not the company Google. The platform google.

How would google be as a person? 

Google would be the being that knows everything. But having all the information doesnt mean actually knowing everything, so how would a robot controlled by computers and artificial intelligent in fact  know everything? 

I want deeper on a research about artificial intelligence and understood that there are two types of artificial intelligence. A weaker one, that is the one we currently have with sir, Alexa and google home, that is usually connected to tasks, and we cannot have a conversation with, and then a strong one that uses machine learning techniques and process a large amount of data to learn things just like humans do, so talking, thinking and forming opinions. This second one does not exist yet and is far beyond in the future so couldn't exist now. Of course I could create a book written by google as a person, with thoughts and opinions, 200 years from now, but what if I could do something with what we already have  available., and that people could use right now? 

Google might not know everything, but it knows a lot, specially about the users. There are so many articles and documentaries about how Google (now talking about the company) stills our information and sell it, and we in fact see it happening when we search the name of a product and moments lates see an add about that same product somewhere else. Using this data google could create a custom book, that is different for every person, all about the user.

What the book is about

Google Could talk how great it is, and that it knows everything, but it wouldn't really have a purpose. It could encourage people to use google more, or it could be a tutorial on how to get the most out of the internet through google. Or it could talk about each person's interest, to make them want to read it.

The content of the book should be personalised for each user, according to they interests, language, and age.

If the book is gonna be customised to each user, why not making it about the user? After all every human is a bit narcissist and like to talk about themselves.

The name is gonna me "My Google" and it's a place where google gathered all the information it has about the user and made it into a book.

What is the form of the book?

It's a google App, that you can access any time though a google account, and it shows you text and images, organised in pages (just like google research) that you can read, interact, and share on social mode.

The Book: My google Page

These are exemples of the first 2 pages of the book

by Isa Petrolio

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